Jamie and Bogs (San Sebastian Church, The Conservatory)

Can we just say we love our brides and grooms? Specially those who make sure that we have tons of wonderful stuff to shoot and who absolutely and completely trust us. :D One such couple is Jamie and Bogs who had their Tuscan-inspired wedding at the San Sebastian Church and the Manila Peninsula Conservatory last April 18.

Starting the day right. We were greeted with all these DIY placeholders on fresh fruits:
Tip: Mimi gets her flow doing details. Surprise her, and I bet she’ll surprise you back. ;)

The Cumpas family seal. Bogs the banker, Jamie the doctor:

I was wondering why Mimi was so engrossed with those J&B bottles from the mini bar. J&B gets? It took a while for me to get it.

Starting the day right, part deux. Champagne for the bride :)

Mimi and I both agree that Veluz outdid herself (like that’s still possible) with Jamie’s gorgeous gown.

The Basilica Minore de San Sebastian, a fire and earthquake-proof neo-gothic structure, is the only all-steel church in Asia. Its steel parts were shipped from Belgium, the stained glass windows from Germany. It is now in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

A chandelier with light streaming through a stained glass as the background:

Veil play. Jamie, with the help of Niko, tries to get her veil under control before the church doors open:




Some couple portraits are usually taken outside the church, with the church’s beautiful facade as the background. But sometimes, you get blessed with a more interesting backdrop:

A bit of Tuscany at the Manila Peninsula Conservatory

An emotional moment as Jamie’s father serenades her with a song:

The first dance. Sweet! We love how they’re so into each other:
Tip: Let go during the dance. Stop worrying about the reception details, or how everyone’s looking at you or that you might step on one’s foot. You have your hubby/wifey by your side… look into each other’s eyes, hug, kiss, savor the moment.


The engagement portraits also turned out pretty well, we’d like to share a few too…




To Bogs & Jamie, congratulations and best wishes! Thanks for the superb time!

13 Responses to “Jamie and Bogs (San Sebastian Church, The Conservatory)”

  1. Bogs andJamie Says:

    Hi Mimi and Karl!
    We cant thank you enough for capturing such beautiful moments for us! Wonderful pics!!!!!!
    Can we hire you na for our 25th wedding anniversary!? hehe
    It was really such a joy having you two as our photographers! Thanks again!! See you!

  2. joanne and rene Says:

    Mimi and Karl,
    Ganda ganda ng mga pictures. Can’t wait until you shoot ours. Sobra exciting. See you soon.

  3. veluz Says:

    ang ganda ganda na naman!! penge ulit kopya ha hehehe ;-) mwah!

  4. kendz Says:

    you’re right, i think this is one of veluz’s greatest creations yet! :)
    great work!

  5. neva Says:

    hello for once kasama ko si dan magbasa ng blog nyo hehe :) we can’t wait to work with the both of you soon! the b&w shots are wonderful! tama, god is in the details ;)

  6. rhona Says:

    hi mimi & karl!

    you never failed to amaze us! galing-galing talaga! can’t wait to see you do magic on our wedding day!

    miss veluz, we’re booking you! yehey!!! will talk to you soon!

  7. bong Says:

    Another masterful Veluz creation nga! Karl, next day mo pa na-gets yung J&B shot ni Mimi no? Hehe

    Great pix again! :)

  8. mimi Says:

    bogs & jamie… you can only book us 15 months in advance, remember? hahaha

    joanne, ang lapit na! bilis ng panahon talaga!

    veluz, surely! alam nyo naman kung saan kami matatagpuan ;)

    kendz, i’m sure excited ka na rin sa gown mo!

    neva and rhona… thanks! can’t wait til your weddings too! :D

    bong, di naman, mga 23 hours after lang naman nya na-gets mwahaha

  9. jenn Says:

    karl it took me a while din ha.. kaso mga 2 minutes lang naman.. :) wehehehehehe.. honga ganda ng gown ni veluz ^_^ .. amazing pictures you guys ;) astig nung car hood shot.. maisip mo ba naman un?? lufeeeet.. :D ang the chandelier too ;) idol rak onnnnn!

  10. rizalyn Says:

    Galing ng J and B concept!

  11. Grant Says:

    This is so amazing. :) I wonder if you can cater my wedding.. Thanks

  12. nap Says:

    nice set!

  13. DNDC Says:

    Hi Mimi and Karl! Pahingi ng pics nila Jamie and Bogs ha, super ganda!!!!!!!!!!… upload ko sa account :)

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