Marc + Ruth (Union Church Manila, Makati Shangri-La Hotel)

I admit, I’m crazy about non-traditional/non-white bridal shoes. I love it when I see colored or cutely embellished shoes; gives me sugar rush.

But I love it even more when they’re Manolo’s ;) These Manolo Blahnik shoes matches the champagne and cotton candy pink motif.


A gorgeous purse designed by Amina Aranaz complements Ruth’s Jojie Lloren gown:

Ruth had ordered Lily of the Valley for her bouquet but apparently, Customs prohibits importation of rooted plants so they cut off its roots, and it didn’t make it to the wedding. Sigh. Nevertheless, Ruth still had an amazing bouquet made of petite pink calla lilies.

Ruth is one of the OC-iest brides we’ve had, and I’m definitely not complaining! :) Here she is checking her ‘do:

Did you know that aside from Mimi+Karl, she also has Eddie Boy Escudero and Mel Cortez as photographers? Cool huh? :D Took this during Ebe’s turn to pose Ruth :D

Karl found this in Marc’s room:

Apparently, the OC thing doesn’t end with Ruth. LOL. I found it funny when Marc took the clipboard and went to check on the bridal entourage.

Some more scenes from the ceremony:







Table centerpieces by April and Karen Yu:

My favorite part of the reception program is Ruth and Marc’s first dance with the typhoon confetti:

Ruth dancing with her father:

These two love surprising each other. When Ruth was studying in Australia, Marc secretly joined an Amazing Race-inspired radio contest wherein the prize was a ticket to see John Mayer in Sydney. As fate would have had it, Marc won (and was given another ticket for his fiancee) and Ruth got the surprise of her life (one for the books, she said) when she found Marc knocking on her door. Sweet!

Anyway, for the wedding, Eddie Boy was Ruth’s surprise for Marc, and Marc’s surprise for Ruth was him singing a song… :D
Top: Ruth’s only request to Marc was there should be no singing for him at the wedding. Imagine her surprise (or is it horror? haha) when Marc said he’s going to sing.
Bottom: Marc presenting his ghost singer, Nyoy Volante, one of Ruth’s favorite artists.

Congratulations Marc & Ruth! May future surprises be always one for the books! :D

Clique Pics are here.
OnSite by Jason Magbanua here.

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  1. Allie Says:

    Mimi & Karl – as usual, you a did an amazing job capturing ruthie and marc’s wedding! =) mimi, i also mentioned to ruth, how OC she was about her wedding but it never showed. she’s the most relaxed bride ive seen! more power to you guys!

  2. gladys Says:

    wow, great wedding! great pics, too, as always! new logo? m+k never fails to amaze me. :D

  3. Ernest Says:

    “Ruth is one of the OC-iest brides we’ve had” hmmm… meron akong kilala, mukhang tatalo sa kanya. hehehehe =) i love the new look of your blog – easy on the eyes, interesting selection of pics for the header and the “m+k” monogram (naks! parang wedding-ish). See you soon. =)

  4. Jenn Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! THE 2007 W@W SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR!!!! cheeeeeeeers you guys!!! You deserve it ;) kelan inuman?? heheheheheehehehhehehhe…!!!!

    Astig ha. there’s such thing na pala as “typhoon confetti” ;) meron din kaming wedding before, may confetti na nga, may bubble machine pa :D Astig heheheeh!!!.. un lang, may nakahain na salad kaya……..

    I love the bouquet details & the mother&child shots. You guys rockkkkk!!!! \,,/, :D

    congrats ulet!! mwaaaah!!! Love you guys!!!!! :D :D :D

  5. Jenn Says:

    Forgot to mention, biglang may logo ah ;) ganda, simple yet …. reminds me how dino labels his blog entries. iabgn level kasi pag sinabing + eh… merge tawag dun e…. no pressure, pero KELAN ANG KASAL???!! :D so, church, venue chaka caterer nalang ang kulang, yes?? ;)

  6. steph Says:

    wow amazing photos. galing. congrats on winning this year’s w@wie awards! :)

  7. Neil&Rosa Says:

    Hi Mimi+Karl,
    Congratulations on winning as the 2007 W@Wies Supplier of the Year! You guys deserve it!
    G’leng g’leng! Mabuhay kayo!!! May God bless you more indeed!

  8. mimi Says:

    Thanks Allie! We missed you at the wedding! Yeah, di nahalata yung pagka-OC ni Ruth nung wedding haha. I guess she knew that it was time to let go LOL

    Gladys, wow thanks =)Yup, new logo na (for the nth time haha)

    Ernest dear, I am so looking forward to L’s wedding ;)

    Oist Jenn! Pauso ka pa ng merge-merge diyan :P

    Steph, thank you po! :)

    Neil&Rosa, maraming salamat! :D

  9. jenn Says:

    totoo naman eh *sipol* :D lav yu mimi!

  10. jay Says:

    Hi mimi and karl, i attended MArc & ruth’s wedding. You really had a great multimedia presentation. Impressive. By the way, i noticed the small cubicle taking candid photos as souvenir outside the hall of shang. i’d like to know what company was that? thanks. more power

  11. jay Says:

    hi i just opened the site na. Clique.

  12. Bong and Mai Balmes Says:

    Karl and Mimi,

    It was a great coverage!!! Keep it up!!!

    Pareng Marc and Mareng Ruth,

    I personally salute you guys, what a wonderful and extravagant wedding in general you have…
    Kita kits tayo ulit minsan and keep in touch!!! Once again, GOODLUCK to you guys…


    Bong Mai BALMES and Family

  13. Vivien Says:

    i was a guest of marc & ruthie…i love all the pics….can’t wait for her to show us the rest of it….i want you guys for my wedding….kung kelan man sya ;-)

  14. Vivien Says:

    btw… do we get to see the rest of the pics from that day??=) cant wait for ruthie to show it or upload it for us to see…

  15. Ren Says:

    karl and mimi,
    you guys are great. trully with a sense of art, a magic touch. keep up the good work guys.

  16. Cath Says:

    very nice shots as always!
    ganda ng purse… i like… : )

  17. Trissa Says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite among all the pictures – they’re all fantastic! But I love the last one most. Congrats Dad Marc and Tutie! Great work, Mimi and Karl!

  18. mama love "dyan" Says:

    awesome pics ! you guys look sooooo cute ! nice shoes by the way ; )
    marc , gotta give you our special “high five!!”
    miss you guys .. NYC is not the same without you 2.

  19. Leah + Marvin ('+'..nakikigaya!) Says:

    Wow! as usual galing! (clap clap)
    It seems we’ve been there sa wedding through the pics..truly speaks a lot!
    We loved how marc made all the surprises..and ruth too..
    They are indeed sooo sweet!
    To Marc and Ruth Best Wishes! Ganda ng wedding!
    To M+K..well..lagi naman..The best!

  20. jody Says:

    Hey Mimi and Karl! I’ll borrow pics from here ha cause need it for the new site! Don’t worry all credits goes to you! And ahem, the wedding day schedule is proprietary to me! Ako may gawa nyan! Hahaha.

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