Remar + Joelene (Baclayon Church, Bohol Tropics)

Remar and Joelene’s Bohol wedding brought us back to an era of elegance. An era when love teams ruled Philippine cinema. The RJ love team, when gazing into each other’s eyes, had us wedding suppliers twitterpated (that’s kilig for you Filipinos hehe). Well, Joelene does have the showbiz lineage, having the Cruzes as relatives.

Remar on the other hand is your shy, good boy crush that transforms grown women such as Veluz and Madge to twitterpated teenyboppers.

Of course, the fabulous wedding details were courtesy of their destination details diva and coordinator, Ernest “Mr. Always Twitterpated” Pascual:

One look from Remar and Veluz was mesmerized in making the most ornate gown I’ve ever seen:

What’s a loveteam wedding without the drama shots…

…and the jaw dropping setting courtesy of the second oldest church in the Philippines:

To end the celebration, the bride surprised the groom with an awesome song number…

… that had THE FANS peeing in their pants.

Thanks Remar and Joelene! We never had so much fun on an out of town wedding coverage. (Big thanks to the camels LOL)

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23 Responses to “Remar + Joelene (Baclayon Church, Bohol Tropics)”

  1. neva Says:

    wooooow! BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! congratulations Remar and Joelene! i am twitterpated with this post! haha!

  2. Ernest Says:

    Mimi and Karl, great shots as expected! Thank you for the wonderful pictures! This is one truly memorable wedding – biggest destination wedding most of us ever handled, our friendly hosts and a beautiful couple. =)

    Joelene and Remar, thank you for trust you gave me in planning your wedding. I could not have done this without your wonderful suppliers – Madge, Jason, Veluz, and M+K. See you soon!

  3. karl Says:

    Si Ernest kinikilig bwahaha

  4. maui Says:

    grabe! ang ganda! pwede ba ikasal ulit para ma-picturan nyo kme ulit????

  5. steph Says:

    danda naman ng mga pics!!! lovely wedding. :)

  6. Madge Says:

    Twitterpated ba kamo??? Karl!!! Kukulutin ka namin lagot ka!!! Ey you didnt mention who’s the president of the love team fans club. Im not sure if si Ernest o Veluz eh… pero mukhang di patatalo si Nico eh, lalo na si lempot just look at the picture humahabol pa si chinks… Penge picture ill blog also.

  7. Aileen Says:

    Yay, new post! Beautiful wedding, I love the church! And the details are so Martha Stewart Weddings! I feel tears coming on, tama bang maiyak? Hahaha!

  8. joelene Says:

    M+K, thank you for such a beautiful post.

    When I stumbled upon your blog almost two years ago, I knew that you guys would be my wedding photographers. Real and heartfelt nga talaga. Then I talked to Mimi on the phone, she was so nice! I’ll never forget the memories we all shared in Bohol. I vaguely recall one afternoon filled with Tanduay (jet fuel), good friends, breezy weather and drunken obnoxiousness. You guys were sitting two tables away, classy, and super in love while enjoying a quiet snack. =)

    Sarap nyong lahat na kasama! Wedding dream team indeed kayong lahat na suppliers. Second honeymoon niyo daw, tarsier baby maybe? =)

    Now, with over 2000 pictures to choose from, we are seriously having a hard time.. Your skill is evident in the pictures, and you were able to capture all the emotion and joy of the day. I show our wedding pics off every chance I get.

    Thank you for everything. These photos are epic, and when we look at them 10, 20, 30 years from now, we will fall in love all over again.

  9. jamara Says:

    as always, wonderful shots! parang ang sarap ikasal lalo na pag kayo ang photographers! =)

  10. kendz Says:

    beautiful beautiful wedding!!! :) ganda ng mga pictures!
    ganda ng bride!

  11. Aljay Says:

    Gad’ damnit I missed out. Check out Kim-Kim on the chair, lol.

  12. joelene Says:


    In the “fans” picture, I love how everyone else is twitterpated except for Madge who apparently looks super embarrassed. I think she is no longer in the running for president. Si Veluz na lang, o si Ernest o si Niko.

    Aljay-you did miss out cousin!

    M+K -The camels were there only to give me stress! I was otherwise not stressed about anything wedding-related. That’s Ernest’s job. Ernest “I-thrive-under-stressful-stuations”, wedding planner extraordinaire!

  13. michelle cunningham Says:

    oh… the textured shot of the bride is scrumptious! and the church shot from above with the lights in focus is kool too! congrats on another one guys.

  14. Faye Says:

    Congrats to the newly wed! :) the bride looks gorgeous and beautiful!

  15. veluz Says:

    haaaaaay Remar…. ay ay ay! sorry! haaaaay Joelene and Remar!! you both looked stunning! it’s been a real priviledge for me knowing you and being part of a very special event in your lives.

    I love love love your mom, I feel honored just spending time with her. thank you for the entire Bohol experience! It’s something I will never ever forget :-)

    M + K, ang dadanda na naman ng pics, masyado nyo na talaga pinaganda si Joelene eh, pano na? hmp! pano ko pa maaagaw si Remar!? hahahahah! (ang plastic kanina?! hahahaha!! may balak palang mang-agaw? wala na! kasal na sila! okay na Joelene, masyado kang maganda eh, kumanta pa kasi eh! I concede. :-)

  16. chol Says:

    the bride is beautiful.. and the gown fits her soooo well!

  17. ASH Says:

    Ang ganda, and I got twitterpated by just looking at the pictures

  18. Bri Says:

    Wow, these blew me away. Great great photos!

  19. steph Says:

    definitely twitterpatted. =)

    gorgeous wedding, lovely couple, and mind-blowing church to shoot in. your photos just bring all these out. thanks for the inspiration. hats off!

  20. aisa Says:

    such a beautiful church!

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  22. ganda Says:

    ganda nang bride….
    gusto ko nang mag pakasal

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