Venjo + Anya (Paco Park Church, Sofitel Philippine Plaza)

You know we haven’t been blogging in a while when a complete stranger approaches Mimi and asks when a new post is coming. Lolz. Yes, feel free to nag us online (twitter, facebook) or even face to face if we haven’t been showing blog love.

And what better way to get back in the groove, than to blog the wedding of Venjo and Anya — a hardcore golfer and a beautiful fashionista. A wedding that was a heady mix of avant-garde and vintage and needed two teams to photograph it: the MangoRed boys and M+K as backup.

Anya and Venjo’s invitation silhouettes were right on their wedding theme:

A last minute addition, the birdcage veil by Mich Dulce was just perfect to complete Anya’s look:

You can never get any more avant-garde than these Puey Quinones creations:

11 Responses to “Venjo + Anya (Paco Park Church, Sofitel Philippine Plaza)”

  1. arlene Says:

    hahahah… i must be that complete stranger when i met mimi at madge’s unveiling :)

    i am one of your “#1 fan”!!!! i so love visiting your blog… i really visit everyday until the time there wasn’t much activity – then i became a once-a-week visitor :)

    more power!!!

  2. Liz Says:

    Sobrang nice naman. I love the black & white photo of the bride and the last two couple shots. Akala ko nasa outing pa rin kayo at natabunan na kayo ng buhangin. Kamusta sa inyong lahat. :D

  3. She Escobar Says:

    WOW! Beautiful photos! What inspiration! I’m now a follower on twitter :)

  4. michelle cunningham Says:

    hala! i’m totally gonna be bugging you guys now… hehehe. maybe i’ll put the nudges on a timer. nudge m+k every 3 days. muwahahahah!

  5. mimi Says:

    Arlene, hahaha yup that’s you! Thanks for reminding us. :)

    Liz, muntik na matabunan LOL Musta na? Andito ka ba? Bisita ka naman sa office :D

    She, thanks :)

    Michelle, where are the nudges? Hehehe

  6. Anya Carlos-Reyes Says:

    Hey Mimi+Karl!

    With pictures like these who wouldn’t have withdrawal symptoms from all the wedding planning? 5 months after our wedding, I (Anya) still find myself looking through wedding websites and drooling over anything wedding related, and I’m surprised, happy and all so giddy to find our pics here!! Just like a kid who had her first taste of chewing gum!! :)

    Venj & I could not thank you both enough for the wonderful memories you captured through your genius eyes! galing galing talaga! Having you and the Mangoboys is like having the best of both worlds! We know that you guys are so used to brides and grooms gushing about your wonderful work, but really from our hearts to yours, super thanks and bow kami sa inyo :) Til next time okay?

    ♥: Venjo & Anya

    PS: you guys bike right? let’s ride soon if you have time

  7. karl Says:

    You’re welcome Anya. :)

    As for biking, Mimi finds your pink bike cute. It may take a while for us to join you, maybe until Mimi gives birth ;)

  8. macky Says:

    your wedding is so beautiful. can i just ask how much yung rate sa paco church? i cant find any online. thank you =)

  9. al Says:

    nakakatindig balahibong pictures… im sure they a lovely couple…

  10. jill Says:

    may i know how much is the church fee for a wedding thank you….

  11. jill Says:

    and…nice photos! lovette!!!!

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