Konrad + Hayley, and Tropical Storm Ondoy

To all our Manila readers, we hope this post finds you and your families well. Getting married during a calamity makes one realize that all you really need for a wedding is a bride, a groom, an officiant, a witness and hopefully a photographer (LOL)! The following is our Ondoy story, although it may now seem more of an inconvenience compared to the tragedy a lot of people went through, but nevertheless something for couples to think about when they stress out on the tiniest of details.

September 26, 2009 started off like a typical Manila stormy day. Because it had been raining on and off the whole night, we decided to leave a bit early anticipating bad weather traffic. We were supposed to pickup our assistant TJ at Philcoa before taking C5 to the bride’s place at Corinthian Gardens. TJ texted that it wasn’t flooded in Philcoa (yet), but when we reached a gridlocked QC Circle, we decided to just take EDSA instead and have TJ take a cab to Corinthians. Turned out, no taxi would take TJ because Katipunan was already flooded. And poor TJ had to watch as Philcoa flood water rose from ankle to waist-deep in a few hours. (The same waist-deep water he had to wade through to go home. Sorry, Teej.)

EDSA southbound was crawling and the rain just wouldn’t stop. Jason Magbanua texted that they were stuck in C5 Kalayaan, while our third photographer Markku, was not moving on Megamall EDSA going northbound to Corinthians. We realized the gravity of the situation when we reached EDSA Santolan and saw the flood on the northbound lane was already waist deep and no vehicles were passing. Jason was told to head back to Makati Shangri-La (reception venue) and be ready for the ceremony to be transferred to the hotel. Mimi and I decided to follow Jason since we couldn’t make a U-turn to Corinthians (as Ortigas to Santolan was at a standstill) but told Markku to try his best to get to the bride.

We arrived at the hotel after five hours on the road, and passing through a few minor flooding. One of the ballrooms had already been set-up as the ceremony venue but we were told that the bride and groom will try to push through with the wedding at Christ the King. By a stroke of luck, Markku was able to park his car at Robinson’s Galleria and just walked to Corinthian Gardens. And so come hell or high water, Konrad and Hayley were able to exchange I do’s in front of twenty (or less even) witnesses and one photographer! We got to hand it to Markku, he really did step up for this one. Good job, bro!

With the situation and all, Markku was expecting a frazzled bride but Hayley was taking everything in stride. That’s the spirit!

You can really tell from Konrad’s expression how happy he was to finally see his bride walking down the aisle.

Some portraits at the hotel:

Pretty reception deets:

Despite the flood and traffic, more than half of their guests were still able to celebrate with them at the reception and everyone had their own Ondoy stories to tell.

The couple watching Jason’s onsite… I even caught Konrad wiping a tear. Gotta hand it to Mr. Magbanua, he was still able to produce a very moving video without one footage of ceremony! Special thanks to Markku’s photos on that one.

At the end of the day, I don’t think Konrad and Hayley, or even any of us, will ever forget that infamous day.

14 Responses to “Konrad + Hayley, and Tropical Storm Ondoy”

  1. neva Says:

    well done m+k team! love conquers all :D congrats to konrad and hayley!

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  3. pinktwistedhalo Says:

    We were supposed to go to a wedding din that day but it was cancelled na rin. At first, I was bummed that I could not get out of the house because of the thigh-deep water in Sampaloc… yun pala mas malala sa ibang lugar. :(

    I agree with the opening paragraph ha, kunsabagay ang requirements lang ng law ay authorized solemnizing officer, valid marriage license, consent freely given and presence of at least two witnesses! Hehe! :)

    Congrats Konrad and Hayley!

  4. Leah Ilagan Mendoza Says:

    grabe..kitang kita sa newlyweds that only one thing matters..they just have to say their “i do’s” and they’ll be happy..yeah indeed love conquers all! best wishes! at galing galing may coverage pa din kahit may Ondoy.. :)

  5. arls Says:

    aaawwwww…. im glad there were still guests who came! :) nice work mimi and karl!

  6. kendz Says:

    ang galing. kudos tlaga to all wedding suppliers who braved the typhoon that day :)

    congrats to the bride and groom :)

  7. faye Says:

    Congrats to the bride and groom! I’m glad more than half of the guest did it :)

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  9. karl Says:

    Neva, exacto haha dapat yun pala magandang ending haha.

    Pink, kulang pa pala ko, kelangan ng marriage license.

    Arls, faye: Yup galing nga at rami rin nakapunta.

    Kendz, medyo kabado rin ako kasi buntis kasama ko tapos wala pa kami assistant hehe. Oh since wala kami assistant, linapag ko lang sandali yung 5Dmk2 ko sa table and tapos biglang NAWALA! Kala ko nanakaw! Good thing na-mali lang ng kuha yung isang entourage akala nya cam ng kasama nya. Whew! Hahaha!

  10. Tim Says:

    Wow, that’s what I call commitment. Great shots from the team as well, as always!

  11. Mary Says:

    my gosh.. i would die if this was my wedding… but the couple still looks happy :-) and the pictures are still superb!

  12. cathy co Says:

    Konrad and Hayley are such a wonderful couple. I wouldn’t missed the reception even at the height of typhoon.
    Good luck and may you live happily ever after.

  13. zen2x Says:

    idol tlaga kayo ate mimi and kuya karl….bilib ako! *clap clap*

  14. kaye e Says:

    hats off to your crew. that’s all i can say.

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