Jay + Aileen (Mary the Queen, North Greenhills Clubhouse)

Aileen had been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl. Her recurring dream included walking down the aisle to a groom whose face she couldn’t make out. Until one night, it became clear that the groom waiting for her at the altar was Jay! At that time, Aileen and Jay were just mere acquaintances, so to have them married years later makes one wonder about dreams and fate.

So is this how Aileen dreamt it?

Our good friend from Peyups, Ederic won the garter game.

Search Engine Optimization for Photographers Tip #1: If your client is Google Country Consultant for the Philippines, have a photo of the rings with the Google logo. LOL.

SEO for Photographers Tip #2: Have a group shot of all the bloggers in attendance and have a link to their blogs. Bloggers in attendance: Mica, Drew, Jane, Jayvee, Dine, Winston, Juned, Jay, Aileen, Markku, Gail, Fritz, Sha, Karla, Marcelle, Faith, AJ, Blogie, Janette.

Congratulations Jay and Aileen, more clicks to come! Oh and Aileen, if you ever dream of a winning Lotto number combination, give me a call. Hehe.

9 Responses to “Jay + Aileen (Mary the Queen, North Greenhills Clubhouse)”

  1. arls Says:

    i love the details! great work. :) Feb 7 is not so long na, can’t wait to experience the M + K magic on my cousin’s wedding :)

  2. Aileen Says:

    Beautiful! I love her color palette and the pix of the bridesmaids with their bouquets are just gorgeous! Winner siya kasi pareho kami ng pangalan! =)

  3. Ezra Says:

    Gusto ko iyong niyakap ng groom iyong bride sa harap ng altar. Parang nagulat ang bride. My caption would be “Groom: AKIN KAHHH!!!!” at kelangan talaga ng maraming H sa dulo. I love her colors so subtle and elegant. Beautiful work M+K.

  4. Bernard Nio Manzano Says:

    Love love love her colors, sarap tingnan!!!

    And wonderful photos, Sirs!!! Pag laki ko, gagayahin ko kayo (meaning pag tumaba pa ako lalo, ahek!!! Di na kasi ako tatangkad, hyuk!!!)

  5. lomo Says:

    na- deja vu yata ako. haha.
    nice set.

  6. Aileen Apolo - de Jesus Says:

    Awesome! Fabulous! Really, really great work and all of my family, friends and colleagues are very pleased with how you guys documented our wedding. Super duper hugs to you Karl, Markku and Hana!!! We made a great choice (because you guys were our only choice!).

    @Ezra yes nagulat po ako nung niyakap ako hehehe.

    @Aileen I’m sure maganda ka rin! It was my 17-year old niece who designed and chose the colors for the entourage gowns. I had no idea what shade of blue and gold to mix so I just let her do her thing.

  7. Eudora Says:

    Aww… is this a couple blogger’s wedding? Sweet…Love the design, colour combination of the gowns!
    And Aileen, what a maganda bride you are!

    Congrats to the bride and groom! :)

  8. Alistair A. Israel Says:

    Hahah, Congratulations Jay & Aileen (batchmate ko si Jay and ka-industry is Aileen).

    Now, Karl & Mimi—I need to get in touch with you guys, also. Don’t know if you guys remember me from ph-photo days…

  9. Aileen Apolo - de Jesus Says:

    @Eudora thank you po!

    @Alistair salamat, heard a lot about you from Jay!

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