Jika + Brice (South of France)

They couldn’t be more in love; Jika David and Brice Jaulneau-Labarre met as exchange students in Spain and after enduring a long distance relationship, Brice decided to pack his bags and follow Jika to Singapore.

The guests couldn’t be more eclectic; Filipinos, French, Spaniards, Americans, Singaporeans, Belgians, all came together to celebrate a wedding of two different cultures.

The setting couldn’t be more gorgeous; Provence, at the south of France, home of rolling hills and valleys of vineyards and olive gardens and a 16th century castle.

A couple from Monaco bought Chateau Robernier in 2005 for their own wedding. I bet they couldn’t find a suitable wedding venue and just decided, “How about we buy a castle instead?” How cool is that?

The chateau room keys could even date back to a hundred years. Seriously!

Unlike a Manila wedding, The David siblings had to do everything themselves. Here’s Jika, doing her lashes. Kara, who has more than enough experience putting on her own make-up for TV, did Jika’s make-up. Dezh, was the best maid of honor I have encountered. And CP, was the designated bridal car driver.

A Veluz gown hanging in a castle in France. Taray!

A family production.

When the French say sprawling gardens, you better believe it.

Jika’s uncle, Bishop Pablo David, conducted the wedding in three languages: French, English and Filipino.

Three things that the French and the Filipinos have in common: both like to eat, both drive like crazy and both love pictures!

What’s so great about Provence weddings is that you can just step out to an ally beside the church and it’s just picture perfect!

Even the thoroughfare that leads to the church is virtually deserted.

The church, Eglise Saint-Sauveur is known for its 12th century Romanesque doorway.

Along the way to the castle we stopped by a wheat field and an olive garden, both symbols of good luck for the French.

A tower of macarons for a wedding cake deserves its own grand entrance.

Félicitations et meilleurs vœux Jika et Brice!

Full set of photos available at our facebook page.

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  1. hana girl Says:

    bravo! :)

    (is that even french? :p)

  2. Mik Says:

    so moving! *sigh*

  3. Carla O. Says:

    Hayop ang set na ito, M+K!!! Idoooool!!!

  4. Jingger C. Says:

    Ganda! I love it!

  5. Erica Wu Says:

    So awesome! Congratulations!

  6. Ernest Pascual Says:

    Beautiful pictures as always. I miss reading your entries! :D Keep them coming! :D

  7. Nio Says:

    Goosebumps again, M+K!!! Now I know where I’m going to get wed. :D

  8. Gladys // Mrs. Shutterbug Says:

    Ooh la la! :) Gusto ko magpapicture sa wheat field!

  9. Sheela Says:

    HI!! Thank you for sharing…I almost felt as if I was there with them at the wedding in Provence…just AWESOME!!
    Love your work Mimi and Karl!!
    Keep on going!!

  10. Ellyn Says:

    Beautiful wedding.. Lovely pictures! Congrats Jika!

  11. Eudora Says:

    Love every detail on your pictures….You guys are still my favorite Pinoy photographers! Regards from Malaysia ♥

  12. Evelyn Says:

    Came across your site when searching for a letterpress printer in Manila for my daugther’s wedding invites which is featured in Crafts Master. You had a beautiful wedding, gorgeous wedding gown, unbelieveable wedding venue which you both bought (seriously?). I hope one day I may be able to visit France although its far from where I am, (downunder Australia). I am sure it will be include in my itenerary when I visit Europe.

  13. kendz Says:

    ang gandaaaaaaa!!!!!!! kakainlove ang mga pics! :)

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