28 and counting…

Thanks to Lem’s friend, Pazette, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from brides-to-be’s about the wedding photography packages Lem & I offer. She had invited us to her wedding last June, and we took the opportunity to shoot her wedding for our portfolio. She loved how the photos turned out and shared her wedding album to fellow W@Wies. Apparently, they too appreciated the style we’ve chosen to be our trademark. Nakakataba ng puso 🙂

I found out that most of them were either doing some early canvassing or just looking for a second photographer, as they have already booked their main photographers. It’s a good thing actually, as we’ve sorta been trained as back-up photographers. Lem and I have actually thought of just marketing ourselves as THE SECOND PHOTOGRAPHERS since we prefer to shoot from the sidelines (just like what we do at the UAAP hehe). Of course we had to let go of the idea as couples usually entail the services of only one back-up photographer. (One of the reasons why we pursued wedding photography is that we wanted to work together; yup, ganun siya ka-attached sa akin :P)

From the 25+ inquiries, I’ve booked one client already. I don’t know if a 1/25 booking average is good or bad. 🙂 Anyhoo, it’s still one less from our target of 30 weddings… 28 to go and we’re getting married. 😉