Of Perfect Moments & Beginnings

Same church, different days (at Nuestra Senora de Gracia)

Incidentally, snippets of the first wedding is scheduled to be aired on June 19 at Perfect Moments, a new show in channel 2. The bride won a makeover contest and the wedding was also covered by ABS-CBN. Ang rami-raming tao, ang hirap makapwesto, lalo na nung preps. Hindi pa ako makashoot during the interviews kasi bawal daw maingay (eh maingay camera shutter ko :P) Pero grabe, ang ganda ni Jodie Sta. Maria 🙂


At the other wedding, although there were no celebrities involved, the church was jampacked, standing church only pa. To think that the wedding was on a weekday. Ang saya lang at ang daming nagpunta sa wedding nila 🙂

On a sad note, my flash hit the side of the bed while I was fixing the wedding dress and the hot shoe broke 🙁 Hay, buti na lang we have a back-up flash *phew*


I’m looking forward to this weekend as we’re joining our first bridal fair. =D

The week had been crazy. I barely had 5 hours of sleep the last 3 days finishing up an album layout for the fair as well as doing some of the booth displays. Hopefully all of it gets printed within the day. Photo finish talaga 😛 Prior to my sleepness in QC drama were the 2 rain-free (thank God!) weddings, trips to hardware stores for our booth setup and visits to the printer for the postcard giveaways above.

We have yet to see the finished postcards though. The production was delayed because we had to do revisions on our photo packages at the back. (We’re no longer offering a traditional album kasi. When we met with our album supplier regarding Leslie’s album, our supplier informed us that she wouldn’t be distributing the traditional albums anymore. Sayang.) Anyway, we’re set to visit the printer early this evening so hopefully, the colors turn out great. *cross fingers*

Originally in full color, the back of the postcard is now in black

We’ll be doing the ingress this afternoon at Megamall as well. Since this is our first fair, March pa lang, we already had an idea of a booth setup we wanted… it should be different from the usual booth of long tables & easels at the back setup, and we wanted the booth space to be open. One day, as we were doing some window shopping at HMR (ewan ko ba, mahilig lang kaming magtingin-tingin sa HMR ng kung ano-ano :P), we found this. It used to be a cellphone display case daw. Anyway, ang tagal namin doon, iniisip kung kukunin ba namin siya or not. We decided on the former and had it delivered within the week. We were so excited with our purchase, just like kids with a new toy 😛 We then had the structure modified and repainted, and as of last night, it looks good. From my point of view, anyway 😀 So if you want to see the booth’s ‘after the makeover’ look, drop by our booth at Megatrade Hall A. 😀