Good News

Just came back from our photo club meeting. And surprise, surprise, my only entry for the “bride & groom kissing” theme won first place! *ngiti hanggang tenga* So far it’s 3/5 for me, with only 2 more contests to go. (Next month’s theme is prenups hihi) Anyway, I’m really excited about the prize – a set of studio strobes 😀 Hopefully I get to take them home for Christmas *cross-fingers*

At the reclamation area

The funny thing was, they’re not my clients. The photo was taken while I was assisting another photographer 😛 Actually, I was supposed to enter Aggie & Edil’s pic below, but sometimes the judges are picky; I was afraid they’d disqualify my photo since the bride & groom weren’t “k-i-s-s-i-n-g” 😛

Aggie & Edil, sitting under a tree…
… then comes Benjamin in a baby carriage 😀
(congrats ulit!)

Oh btw, we also have another June bride who is on the family way… congratulations to Mari & Manny as well! Grabe, bilis ng panahon.

Hehe, tuloy, I’m thinking of going into ‘maternity photography’ LOL My friend Auey used to take photos of moms-to-be but she recently migrated; I’m wondering if I could fill the void she left. 😕 Any guinea pigs out there? hehe