Bora Bora

Still experiencing some leg muscle aches from the almost daily shoots — four weddings and a prenup — we had last week. I cannot imagine what it would be like when December, the wedding season, comes. *gulp* I never thought I’d be dreading the Christmas season, hehe. 😛

Nevertheless, the Boracay & Baguio weddings are definitely something to look forward to then. 🙂


Speaking of Bora, we’ve just been there last week for a wedding. We flew in Monday morning, and immediately went to work as the wedding was that afternoon. Aside from it being our first beach wedding, it’s also our first wedding wherein no one from the bridal party is a Filipino. Annie, Robert and their families (all 9 of them, dami no?) are from Taiwan. Annie, who’s probably reading this entry right now (hello Annie!), somehow chanced upon this blog, liked what she saw and booked us for their wedding, via email. It was also then that we first met the bride & groom. Fascinating, huh?

The wedding party

The newly weds