Pro na ba ko?

A photographer friend once told me that one should consider himself a professional photographer if he can consistently deliver images even if he was not in the mood or out of his element. He likened it as being able to turn it on like a switch.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for me. The day before I had extreme diarrhea and a high fever. Mimi’s mom’s diagnosis was that it was probably amobeasis. It’s a good thing Mimi took good care of me 🙂 She brought me my medicines and bananas to eat. Anyway, what made things worse was that the venue for our engangement portrait that day, Enchanted Kingdom was packed with students on their field trip. Since we planned on shooting our couple on the rides, we had to queue 45 minutes to an hour per ride.

Anyway, here’s a funny pic Mimi took of me in one of the rides. As you can see I had to block everything that was happening around me and just focus on shooting. Hehe

Here’s one of my favorites from that ride.