The Love Track is a little old place where we can get together…

Last Sunday, we spent the afternoon taking photos inside the LRT2 facility using our camera phones… not! Here are some of the pics we got:

Mga pasaway talaga, tsk tsk 😛

We of course had the permit to do so, signed by a lot of people, presented to millions of people (guards, supers, passengers hehe). Thanks to Dionne & Joven for the unique experience.

Side kwento — D & J are getting married this June 2006. Last June, Dionne emailed me inquiring about our prenups service. Hindi naman siya ganun ka-atat no? =P Yesterday, I asked her for a song I can use for a slideshow of their pics… feeling ko, na-atat na naman siya at hindi na nakatulog kagabi LOL

So wait no more guys, here’s the Love Train slideshow.