Hazards of Wedding Photography Part 1 (When animals attack!)

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging the “dangers” we’ve encountered while on the job. I already have a few posts in mind but what happened during last Saturday’s wedding has got to be the numero uno on the list.

Flashback to a few weddings back in Caleruega… Bride and groom release the doves and one of the doves lands on the flower girl. The girl freezes and shrieks, while mommy takes a while to shoo the bird. Everybody, including me found that scene rather amusing, I mean it was a thing that you say ” Aww ang cute!” But I bet the girl would’ve beg to differ.

Now fast forward to Con and Nel’s wedding last Saturday (awesome wedding by the way… more on that on a different post!) So there I was crouching low to shoot the couple releasing the doves. The birds fly off and leave my frame of view, then suddenly I feel clawing on my scalp. I didn’t move, hoping that the bird would fly off on its own or someone beside me (like CJ of Threelogy) or someone who loves me (like Mimi :P) would shoo the bird away. But the clawing didn’t stop. And to make things worse, the second dove also landed on my head!

The scene from Mimi’s point of view.

Look at poor me, so helpless, hehe. Notice how everybody was laughing at me and how CJ just kept on shooting 😛 But you know what? Capturing the expression on the couple’s face made it all worthwhile. 😉