Wedding Essentials January-June ’07

Mimi and I were on Soler St. in Manila yesterday, scouting for materials for one of our projects when we got a giddy text message from Nikki that the new issue of Wedding Essentials is already out. So we went to National Bookstore in Avenida and bought two of the last three copies in the store. And, if you’re a bride, a groom or know anyone getting married, then head on over to your suking magazine stand and buy a copy. The tons of pretty pictures alone makes it a bargain at 250 pesos. (It would take me a while to read all the articles, it’s that thick! lol)

photo nicked from Cyn’s blog

Check out our pics in the Prenup Guide, White Section, Bride Ideas, DIY Ideas and of course, the fantabulous pink and brown wedding of Nikki & Dan in the Beautiful Weddings section. When we were starting out in wedding photography, our main inspirations were from bridal magazines and now our photographs are featured in bridal magazines. How cool is that? 😉