Destination Weddings: Hawaii

… soon!

I hope I don’t jinx this.

My passport with a US Visa was delivered today… which means we’ll be shooting a wedding in Hawaii this March!!! I just love how serendipity has played a big part in all of this. Not only did the wedding got scheduled right smack into the days we’re free, but we’d also be able to attend the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention in Las Vegas. 🙂 We’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding overseas and go to WPPI but figured 2008 to be the earliest year we could do both.

It was a miracle that I was able to fix my travel documents in 2 weeks (record time!). I had to go to DOST first to pay off my college scholarship and get my travel clearance (long story) before I could line up at the DFA to renew my passport. I was disheartened to find February 6 as the earliest date for a US visa interview only to find a slot 2 weeks earlier. I had to charm the US consul and charm I did as I got a 10-year visa (last I heard, 5 years was the maximum). Lol. It’s serendipity I tell ya.