Clique Photobooth Launching at the 10th Wedding Expo

Clique the Party Photobooth, the latest creative endeavor of Fotogra Weddings, Inc., will be launched at the Themes and Motifs’ 10th Wedding Expo on March 10-11, 2007 at the PICC.

What is it? It’s a photobooth you can rent for your wedding. We will have a full working demo at the expo!

How does it work? We will setup a photobooth at the wedding reception venue. Guests will have to enter the booth and press a button. The booth takes 4 photos at 6 second-intervals. Guests can view their pics on the booth’s LCD monitor. You have the option to have onsite printing.

What do I get? You get a CD of all the photos as well as an online gallery. If you get onsite printing, guests can take home prints as souvenirs. There are 2 types of printing options. One is a 4×6 print with the 4 photos with your name and event details. The other option is two 2×6 photo strips, one copy for you and the other for your guests.

Option 1: With Event Details (Mimi and Karl with Dax and King)

Option 2: Two photostrips (Pardon the sweetness)

Will it be exclusive to Fotogra Weddings’ clients? No but our current clients get a discount. 😉 (See note at bottom)

Do you have a sample wedding? Yes. We did a dry run at a wedding last Saturday and it sure CLIQUE-d. FYI, the Photobooth we will be renting out will have a curtain system.

Guests having their photos taken:

Checking out their photos at the monitor:


How much? Four hours Photobooth rental plus 100 prints is P20,000. Four hours Photobooth rental only is P15,000. Additional prints are at P75 each.

Wedding Expo Promo? P15,000 for the 4-hr rental plus 100 prints! 50% downpayment to book the date, 50% before we setup at the reception.

Contest? The Most In-Love Photostrip. Have your photo taken together with your fiance at the Clique Photobooth during the Wedding Expo. We will pick 10 finalists and let YOU our blog readers vote for the Most In-Love Photostrip. The winner gets a Clique Booth at their wedding for free! (Restrictions may apply of course)

P.S. If you’re planning on booking Mimi and Karl at the Wedding Expo, please be informed that we will only be bringing mini-albums as samples since the photobooth will most likely take up almost all our booth space. Hehe.

EDIT: For Fotogra clients, booth rental+prints package is at P18,000. Book the Clique booth within March and you get the special Fotogra client discount of P12,500 rental+prints package. 😀