Rox rocks!

Jesh de Rox is a talented photographer based in Edmonton, Canada. During the WPPI convention last March, he won 35 awards for his fine art prints. (Check out his website and his photos. They’re amazing.)

With all the activities happening at the WPPI convention, Mimi and I skipped viewing the competition exhibit and looking back, I wish we’d seen Jesh’s work in person rather than on the computer screen. I also wish I knew about his work before going to Vegas, as I later found out, we were just a few feet away from him at [b]’s party. Anyway, there’s always next year where I hope he’ll be speaking.

A few weeks ago, Jesh started offering the fine art textures he used for his winning prints. Last Friday, the dvd arrived and what you have below are Fotogra images with de Rox textures. It got me thinking that these would be great for huge fine art gallery prints. What do you think? (To our couples, I hope you have lots of wall space. Hehe.)