King & Maui (Caleruega, Hacienda Isabella)

King, Maui, Mimi and I go way back as we were orgmates in UP. King also assists during our weddings when he’s off-duty as a pilot, so he’s the only groom who knows completely how we approach each shoot. For their wedding, we tried to push the envelope a little and we’re glad that we did.

Caleruega at night (slow shutter with flash). Shot nailed after 4 takes hehe. Special thanks to CJ for his equipment.

The rings with the wooden airplane souvenir:

The groom’s self-portrait:

As we’re used to seeing Maui in shirt, jeans and sneakers, seeing her all made up and in her wedding gown was a delight for us. Here’s the radiant bride in a Cecilio Abad creation (make-up by Angie Cruz, hair by Ogie Rayel)

The things they love — airplanes and F1:

The guestbook, with the hot air balloon prenup photos inside.


This was our first night time wedding in Caleruega. The Transfiguration Chapel set against the twilight sky was just magnificent.

King wrote his vows on his smart phone. The priest had to lend him a hand as he was having difficulty reading the screen. Lol.



Ayikee! Their GP kiss. (Their PG13 kiss was around 3am after we finished a bottle of Cuervo at the after party.)


Reception setup at Hacienda Isabella:

The wedding cake by Joy San Gabriel, each layer made up of different flavors — mango cheesecake, amaretto, strawberry cheesecake and the chocolate cake. We only got to taste the last 2 flavors though because we didn’t know that there were others. Anyway, the cheesecake was simply divine!

Our site’s first page photo features a bride & groom inside a vintage Jaguar. Although that shot was candid, this one we just had to pose…

The Clique booth pics may be viewed here.

Threelogy onsite may be downloaded here.


A little background on the last shot. Because the wedding before King and Maui had their reception at Caleruega, our parking was near the old houses… very very very very as in very far from the chapel. Can you imagine what I felt while I was walking to get the car, with only the light coming from the moon illuminating the way. There were no more cars and the road was lined by weeds taller than me. So to preoccupy myself I was just mentally composing the shot. I guess it was a good thing I had to walk that far. Haha.