Jay and Mia (San Antonio de Padua, Balai Taal)

Jay and Mia are probably our coolest couple ever! From the black wedding motif to the uber cool bridal march song… their wedding details were certainly non-traditional but it truly reflected their personalities.

Mia told us she spent sleepless nights drawing this ambigram of their names on the wedding invitation envelopes. (Reads “Jay” in this orientation and “Mia” when inverted. Galing ano?)

The most expensive invite. It featured not one, not two but THREE paintings the couple had commissioned for their wedding. I guess it helps that Jay owns an art gallery.


The cake toppers: the Vespa for the groom and the Beetle for the bride. Mia rode in her Beetle to the church but Jay had to pass up riding his Vespa because of the rain which sucks as it could have been our very first Vespa wedding.

Mimi whipped out the lensbaby to do some artsy shots for the artsy couple.


When we do Tagaytay-area weddings, usually the ceremony’s at Caleruega, Chapel on the Hill, Our Lady of Lourdes, or even Madre de Dios in Tagaytay Midlands. This was our first wedding at this quaint little church in Silang, Cavite the San Antonio de Padua Quasi Parish.

We love bridal cars without tint because we can shoot photos like this:

I had goosebumps during the bridal march as the piano intro of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer played. Whoa… it’s the song from our favorite scene in “Almost Famous”! And when the doors opened with Mia standing there, I was half expecting the whole congregation to start singing in unison just like in the movie. (I know Mimi and I were singing haha).

And just like in the movie… I bet Jay’s thinking “You are home…”


Both Jay and Mia ended their vows with the words: “LET’S RIIIDDDEEEE!!!”


A touching moment: Mia’s nieces sang her a song while another came to hug her.

What better way to entertain your guests than to have the Juan Pablo Dream play at your wedding!

Twelve years in the making… cheers to you guys as you RIIIIDDDEEEE!

(What’s a cool couple without a Cliquebooth? Clique pics are here.)