Waw, waw, waw!


Yeah, this may be old news already but we just wanted to share that for the 3rd time, we have been nominated as one of the Top 10 Wedding Suppliers in the annual Wawie Awards. Yey! πŸ˜€ And as in the previous years, being nominated has always been a surprise for us. So again, thank you dear Wawies for the early Christmas present πŸ™‚ See you guys at the party!


Later we’ll be doing the AVP shoot for the Wawie Awards and we were instructed to bring photos of us at work. I thought we didn’t have any but after rummaging through our files, I found some…





And here’s a photo taken by Madge during a prenup session (Madge, asan na yung iba? :P):

We also found some “at work” photos of fellow suppliers, so expect to have a part 2 post (hopefully soon before they kill me hehe) πŸ˜‰ Here’s a teaser —

Birthday boy Bong ‘Smoldering Eyes’ Sare:

Birthday girl Doña Veluz: