Clique News, Promo and Contest!

We’ve been experimenting with using two printers for the Cliquebooth so that we can print two copies of a 4×6 postcard print, one for the guests and the other for a bigger Clique Book. Last November 10, we tested this new feature and now we’re offering it. You just need to add P5,000 to convert your package to the double 4×6 prints option. We’ve also tweaked our packages a bit to offer better value if you’re renting the booth a longer time.

    Clique! Clique! The Double Prints Promo
    Book the Cliquebooth with the double prints option (P20k for 3 hours or P25k for 5 hours) from now tll November 30 and you’ll get an 8×10 50-page Clique Book (P5,000 value) for free.
    W@W Christmas Party Contest – Funniest Wins!
    The Cliquebooth will be at the Weddings at Work Christmas Party on the 23rd at the Fernbrook in Alabang. If you are a W@wie, go and abuse the Cliquebooth. We will be having a contest for the funniest Cliquebooth photo paired with the funniest Christmas greeting in the Clique Book. There’s only 50 spaces for the Clique Book so have your Clique pic taken early as possible. šŸ˜‰ Mimi and Karl will be selecting the 5 finalists and we’ll have a panel of judges (to be announced) to select the winning couple. The prize is a prenup, postnup, bridal, or what have you shoot with Mimi and Karl (half day shoot and to be scheduled) with a 20×30 print from the session šŸ˜‰

Photos of the Cliquebooth at the wedding of Marc and Ruth


The Cliquebooth prints 2 4×6 postcard prints, one for the guests and the other for the 8×10 50-page Clique Book.


In other Cliquebooth news, last Tuesday we had the Cliquebooth grace the Pond’s Fete d’ Amour event at the Manila Peninsula Makati. It was an event for Manila’s most eligible to mingle at a school fair-inspired event. What more to pump up that party vibe than to have the Cliquebooth around. The booth was such a hit that I noticed that there were only a handful of people not holding a Cliqueprint! We also loved how the prints came out as we’ve been optimizing the booth for beauty lighting.

Pond’s had models manning the booths (aside from Clique there was also a jail, dedication, message, fortune telling and caricature booths in the “fair”) and Dax and I were lucky that the model assigned to the Cliquebooth was featured in the August 2007 issue of FHM šŸ˜‰


Me doing the Punji pose!

Dax can give the male models a run for their money!