And We’re Back!

My friend Marc and I have been racking our brains for the past week trying to figure out why this server has been acting erratically. We tried every update, install, filter and even a RAM upgrade but the server kept crashing. Well, we found out the answer late this afternoon when the server went down for the third time during the day and this time the guy who has been physically turning on/off the server sent this email.

The errors on the console were HDD errors. I am attempting to clone it to a new HDD, but it is making clicks and hanging the process. I will keep you informed.

To make a long geeky story short, the hard disk died and I had to resurrect this blog from the backup. The good thing is my latest backup was around lunchtime today and it seems the tech guy was also able to save most of the images hosted on the server. So moral of the story is… remember to always BACKUP.