A Point and Shoot Wedding

We realized that we haven’t been documenting our travels as much as we used to when we had a point & shoot camera because we’d rather leave the bulky dslr behind. So this year we vowed to take more personal photos and got the Ricoh GR Digital II point and shoot cam. We chose the Ricoh because it had all the things that we were looking for in a camera: minimal shutter lag, manual settings, a good lens and a sensor that performs well in low light. It’s a bit more expensive than the Canon G9 but so far we’re impressed in what this little camera can do.

We tested the cam at Dan and Neva‘s wedding over the weekend and I’m sure Neva was thinking what I the hell was I doing shooting with a p&s cam at her wedding. Haha. We only got to shoot a few frames as we’re still familiarizing ourselves with the camera’s features, but yeah, I’m thinking we can definitely find use for the Ricoh in future wedding coverages.

Like most p&s, the Ricoh has a very nice macro feature.

You can also just “shoot from the hip” as they call it. The Ricoh’s black and white is also very pleasing.

A point and shoot is also less intimidating than a dslr. Here’s a photo of the teary-eyed best man.

This indoor available light shot is comparable in quality with our first dslr. Pretty impressive for a point and shoot.

The Ricoh also has a hotshoe, so during the dancing portion of the program, I tested it with our remote flashes.


I also tested the Ricoh with our Sunpak 120J which was a popular flash during the film days. The Ricoh + Sunpak 120J produces old school black and whites.


Ricoh + Sunpak = dorky photographer hahaha!