WPPI 2008 – Accolades of Excellence for M+K

Mimi and I are such crammers dating back to our UP days. (May taga-UP ba na di marunong mag-cram? Lol!) The deadline for the 2008 Awards of Excellence Album Competition was on Feb 8, 2008. We planned on submitting an entry or two late last year but we only managed to start designing our entries two weeks before the deadline. We shipped the DVD the last possible minute and it arrived on the last day of submission. How’s that for a photo finish?

We had hoped to witness the judging of the entries but we arrived in Las Vegas on the same day of the judging. Anyway, we are happy to announce that both entries were awarded Accolades of Excellence in the studio category. The one I designed got an Above Average: High standard of professional skill, creativity and technique while the collaboration of Mimi and Kris got an Excellent: Excellent use of imagination, skill and technique.

We are honored to be recognized by the biggest international wedding and portrait photography organization and we will try to do better next year (no cramming this time!) We’d like to thank all our awesome clients and Team M+K (Dax, TJ, Kris, Archie, Hana, Markku, King… Rock On!).

Here are a few spreads of the album design. The Jamie and Bogs album is already a sample album in our office.

Jamie and Bogs


Alvin and Janice

j. garner photography won top honors for our category the second year in a row. Here’s the link to the first place winner.