M+K on ANC’s Shop Talk

Camwhoring on set. Teehee.

We guested earlier on ANC’s Shop Talk, the topic was on wedding-related businesses. This coincided with an article on Business World that also came out today. The month of June is upon us and the themes for the month are either weddings, the rainy season or school opening. Lolz. We have another TV guesting next week, maybe we should be getting a manager… Haha.

Aside from our office staff, we didn’t tell anybody that we would be guesting on ANC. Baka magkalat lang kami. (Well, slight lang hehehe) And so we were surprised to get a text message from Kendz about it. Apparently, her mom was watching the show and saw her daughter’s photo on the news and immediately called her daughter in Singapore. That’s Lui and Kendz’ photo on the TV monitor.