Shooting Underwater

One of our frequent regrets during beach trips is not bringing a disposable underwater camera. We always forget to buy one.

While window shopping at the mall, we found a cheap underwater plastic housing called Dicapac that somehow fits our trusty Ricoh. At first I was a bit hesitant to trust an expensive piece of equipment to a glorified zip lock bag but after a few tests with a pail of water, I was confident it would hold.

The first time we used it was during the Boracay wedding of JC Gonzalez and Tracy Pamintuan:

The second time was a few days ago at Wys and John’s prenup shoot. We shot this at night with a voice activated flash (meaning Mimi pressing the off-cam flash while I said ‘Go!’ LOL). The image quality is unremarkable due to the water quality, plastic, and the point and shoot camera but you know what, shooting underwater is fun!