Guest Blogging: Veluz

i had to blog this.

Rm 210 Discovery shores
waiting for the iron, need to press Karl’s suit
he had it steamed, i hate him.
Niko is busy checking out the room, finding ways to bring home the lamp
this is definitely the most beautiful place here in Boracay
posh yet homey. modern yet relaxing.
perfect for this event.

I asked Mimi if she’s excited. “okay lang”
hmp! okay fine. i will pretend not to notice the curl in her lips when she smiles. and I won’t tell anyone that she hasn’t sat since we arrive and that is 20 minutes ago. she opened the closet thrice, checked the box twice. and tinkered with her wedding things as if this is the 1st time she has seen them.
di sya excited, promise
di sya excited masyado!

Madge and A and Ernest just arrived.
simula na.
ang saya saya!
I won’t be a Mimi.
ask me if I’m excited –
ilang oras na lang!!!!!!