M+K Wedding Part 1: Sunset Chillout

We started our wedding celebration by hosting a sunset chillout barbecue party the day before the wedding. We wanted it to be a relaxed affair where we could mingle with our guests. We had a barbecue grill set up at the White House so our friends and family could sample Boracay “beach” fare: longgaburgers, pork barbecues and lots of hotdogs. For dessert, we had marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers for DIY smores.

Mimi’s parents and Karl’s parents with Tita Letty

Karl’s bros. and cousins

Mimi’s cousins

We didn’t have a program planned. We just wanted people to enjoy each others company, drink lots of beer and maybe play some games.

Threelogy with wives; John and Benz of W@W

The Girls

Erron and Jesy

Mimi and the “girls” started playing beach volleyball until the rain started pouring. My aunt, Tita Cecile, then initiated an impromptu program so everybody present can get introduced. Our mothers also gave short speeches with our fathers reserving their words of wisdom for the wedding.

Instead of the rain dampening the mood, it played an opposite role as the “girls” went wild. Maybe it was all the alcohol or just maybe there’s something special with Boracay rain, but soon after the rain stopped we found ourselves doing choreographed group dance routine. Not a bad way to start a wedding eh?

Madge, Jill, Ernest, A

More photos of the chillout at Mimi’s Multiply account. ( You need to be a contact to view them.)