Gerard + Krista (Malate Church, 1 Esplanade)

As a UST Growling Tiger, Gerard Francisco has broken our UP Fighting Maroon hearts more than once. Luckily, he hasn’t been breaking any hearts off the court as he married his college sweetheart, Krista.

For their engagement photo session, Krista decided to have a fashion feel for their prenups because she was bit apprehensive that Gerard, the shy type, wasn’t keen on smiling. So together with Madge, Chinkie and a boat load of Francis Libiran creations, we headed to an abandoned mansion in Ayala Alabang.

For the record, we did manage to coaxed a smile out of Gerard:

Now for their wedding photos…

The beyootiful bride:


Gerard and Krista added Jason Magbanua’s Fashion Styling package to their video coverage. For those who don’t know, Jason offers packages that include Photography, Lomography, Coordination and Event Hosting. He will be offering Bridal Car services soon after he learns how to drive. ;D

We have a friend in Peyups who has the biggest crush on Mark Clemence Telan. My question is, why? Just kidding! From the brief time I spent with these guys, Mark Telan has the biggest potential to follow Jimmy Santos’ footsteps.

Gerard and Krista turned one of our photos to a billboard-size backdrop. Huge I tell ya! And we’re loving the colorful dance floor.


I leave you with a photo of a psychedelic Mark Clemence Telan. And if he ever does become the next Jimmy Santos, you read it here first.