Paul + Aileen (Caleruega, Antonio’s)

Hallo folks! Let’s hope all the server troubles are things of the past. We would like to thank two people: MarkkyMarc and Markku for fixing things. They’re respectively the best sysadmin and web guy named Mark on this planet! Now, back to business…

Paul and Aileen had planned their wedding for nearly two years. They took us out to dinner at The Grove in Los Angeles early 2007 even if our calendar for January 2009 was still closed. Their wedding seemed faraway then but time sure does fly.

Paul and Aileen

We found Paul’s note with a bouquet of roses for Aileen:

Their ring holder was a bird’s nest which I found amusing since we shot a few of their prenup photos in one giant bird’s nest.


It was our first Antonio’s wedding after the renovation, and I must say, the increased floor space makes Antonio’s perfect for intimate weddings. Props to Joyce Aguilar for the wonderful setup:

Wedding reception at Antonio's

We met them 2007, shot their engagement in 2008, covered their wedding in 2009… hopefully we’ll see them again in 2010.