Remar + Joelene (Baclayon Church, Bohol Tropics)

Remar and Joelene’s Bohol wedding brought us back to an era of elegance. An era when love teams ruled Philippine cinema. The RJ love team, when gazing into each other’s eyes, had us wedding suppliers twitterpated (that’s kilig for you Filipinos hehe). Well, Joelene does have the showbiz lineage, having the Cruzes as relatives.

Remar on the other hand is your shy, good boy crush that transforms grown women such as Veluz and Madge to twitterpated teenyboppers.

Of course, the fabulous wedding details were courtesy of their destination details diva and coordinator, Ernest “Mr. Always Twitterpated” Pascual:

One look from Remar and Veluz was mesmerized in making the most ornate gown I’ve ever seen:

What’s a loveteam wedding without the drama shots…

…and the jaw dropping setting courtesy of the second oldest church in the Philippines:

To end the celebration, the bride surprised the groom with an awesome song number…

… that had THE FANS peeing in their pants.

Thanks Remar and Joelene! We never had so much fun on an out of town wedding coverage. (Big thanks to the camels LOL)

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