Venjo + Anya (Paco Park Church, Sofitel Philippine Plaza)

You know we haven’t been blogging in a while when a complete stranger approaches Mimi and asks when a new post is coming. Lolz. Yes, feel free to nag us online (twitter, facebook) or even face to face if we haven’t been showing blog love.

And what better way to get back in the groove, than to blog the wedding of Venjo and Anya — a hardcore golfer and a beautiful fashionista. A wedding that was a heady mix of avant-garde and vintage and needed two teams to photograph it: the MangoRed boys and M+K as backup.

Anya and Venjo’s invitation silhouettes were right on their wedding theme:

A last minute addition, the birdcage veil by Mich Dulce was just perfect to complete Anya’s look:

You can never get any more avant-garde than these Puey Quinones creations: