Christian + Claire (La Huerta Estate, Antipolo)

I had resigned myself that our first wedding after Mimi’s maternity leave would be rained out. Turned out, it couldn’t have been more perfect as the heavy downpour the day before scrubbed the city smog and let in the most radiant sunset glow we’ve seen in a while.

“I always knew it would be sunny.” Christian said as we talked about the surprisingly good weather. “Instead of setting up more tents, I asked for more air coolers.” he added. His attitude reminded me of a Crowded House classic with a line that goes, “Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you. Everywhere you go, you always take the weather.” And for their wedding, Claire and Christian indeed brought the weather.

Everything was held at La Huerta Estate in Antipolo, a family resthouse turned wedding venue that has lots of interesting antiques and fixtures for wedding detail shots including this chandelier hanging from the tiled ceiling:

This Bible bearer was so shy that he covered his face during the march:

Unlike this proud ring bearer, a stuffed toy that was Claire’s first gift to Christian:

The light during sunset was so sweet, I wish I could bottle some of it for later use.

Congrats Christian and Claire!