Jasper + Karen (Santuario de San Antonio, Peninsula Manila)

In hindsight, it would seem obvious that Jasper and Karen do make a perfect pair. Jasper has the habit of cracking jokes while Karen giggles at even the corniest ones. They met at our school org, the UP Zoological Society; Jasper was a graduating senior, finishing his thesis and in a relationship, while Karen was a sophomore, an applicant of our organization and was being courted by one of Jasper’s close friends.

They seldom talked to each other then so it was a surprise that they ended up together. As with most modern love stories, it all started with Friendster. Karen was seeking advice on getting her medical residency in New York and well, Jasper’s profile read Status: single; Occupation: Doctor NYC. The rest, they say, is history.

Of course, when Karen asked me in Facebook for supplier referrals, I gave her the best… Ernest Pascual, Veluz, Madge Lejano and Threelogy.

To match their oriental theme, the place card holders were take out boxes filled with fortune cookies. To Mr. Jan Michael Espino, this was your original fortune, but as Ms. Zenaida Seva says Ò€œHindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Mayroon tayong free will, gamitin natin ito.”

I’ve known Jasper more than half my life and this is just classic Jasper Fernandez, cracking a joke even while putting on his shoes:

Oh and just for memories sake, this is how Jasper (fourth from left) and I (that’s me with the gay beret) and the rest of Rosal Pisay rolled in 1989:
Rosal Pisay 92

This is how Jasper rolls, 2010:

Love ’em Jimmy Choo’s:

The couple, with the prodding of Ernest, included us in the couples’ lipstick game. Guess who won? πŸ˜‰

Highschool batchmates:

Congrats again J&K, we couldn’t be happier that you two got hitched. Baby agad!