Manila Yacht Club Prenup

In this heat, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a boat and set sail to the different isles of our archipelago? Imagine living aboard a yacht and finding your own paradise. Surfing, fishing, snorkeling… ahh the life!

We got a glimpse on what it would be like during Mark and Claire’s engagement session. They rented a yacht at the Manila Yacht Club for the afternoon and got Feliz Diestro to style their prenup.
yacht engagement session

engagement styling

Another way to beat this heat is if you have a big-ass walk-in freezer. After the yacht pictorial, we went to Star City’s Snow World. From what felt like forty degrees centigrade heat, we were welcomed by minus fifteen degrees of cold, cold air. After fifteen minutes inside, I couldn’t feel my fingers! Mimi & I had to take turns taking photos and warming our hands. LOL