Eric + Gladys (Magallanes Church, Blue Leaf)

As if photographing a wedding isn’t enough of a pressure-packed activity, there are a couple more factors that increase the pounds per square inch even further. These include a bride regularly commenting on this blog, a groom (and his bride) who are photography enthusiasts, and a couple changing wedding dates to our availability.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately since they did book us), Eric and Gladys’ wedding had all these and we’re hoping we didn’t disappoint.

Signs that your couple are hardcore photography nerds: One, the bride’s collection of camera pendants.

Two, the wedding rings are grooved like a lens’ focus ring.

Three, the engraving on the Paloma’s Nest ring bearer bowl.

Four, the wedding monogram patterned after a camera’s aperture blades.

According to Gladys’ post on her blog, she’s been following our blog since the beginning and that would include our initial forays in photography with a 1.3MP point and shoot Olympus D460. I just hope there are no more traces of our photos back then. Haha!

Ok, I admit, when it comes to wedding preps, us men may act nonchalant, but as Eric showed on this blog post, we men could be sweethearts as well. πŸ˜› Way to go Eric!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Shutterbugs! Happy snaps! πŸ™‚