CJ + Ira (Santuario de San Jose, North Forbes Pavillion)

Needless to say, the Threelogy Video family are a big part of our lives. We met them while we were still newbies in wedding photography and have been friends since. CJ was even on double duty as videographer and destination wedding host during our wedding. So when it was CJ’s turn to get hitched, we were more than ecstatic and honored to be part of it.

Now if you’re a former Threelogy bride or groom or a fellow wedding supplier, you can attest to how CJ has an arsenal of wedding jokes and witty one-liners. This time around CJ, was on the receiving end of all those jokes.

One particular line CJ is fond of, is asking the make-up artist to put pink lipstick on the groom. Nakaganti na rin si Madge hehe.

Ira before and after hearing the magic letters: “CJ!”

Beautiful bride in her equally beautiful Veluz gown. You just have to admire Veluz for easily concealing Ira’s helmet. Mahirap na baka kung kelan kasal, saka mauntog. LOL!

Walking on air!

Deep breaths, Ira! Deep breaths! Veluz was giving instructions to Ira to walk slowly, but by this point Ira already had everything tuned out and was dead set on marrying her groom. Or, she could be thinking about what Mimi and Madge told her earlier, from CJ’s favorite hirits: “Ninenerbyos ka? Bakit? Lifetime commitment lang naman yan eh!”

This toughie, is also a softie.

The Threelogy girls are clearly amused on this different side of CJ.

Hala, hindi kasya ang rings!

I don’t think Jon was too keen on getting his photo taken while holding hands with Bong. Sweet!

By this time, it was already too late for Ira. Hehe.

Again, congratulations Ceej & Ira! We love you guys!

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