The M+K Family

For the last four years, Teams M+K and Threelogy have been holding joint Christmas parties. This year, the theme was 1920’s Mafia and suffice to say it was a blast and everybody, even the bosses, had a fun time dressing up.

Mimi and Karl with Bong and Jon of Threelogy:

Mimi, hands down, had the best costume! (Yep, I’m kissing *the* Boss’ ass hehe)

Here are the rest of team M+K and a brief background about them…

Mimi+Karl Associates (Second Team)
Ever since, Mimi and I have always covered a wedding together. We know we could get more bookings by splitting up but we are Mimi and Karl and we stay true to that. This year, we introduced our second team. We took our time in guiding our associates, Markku and Hana, in approaching the wedding the way we do and explaining our philosophy on wedding photography. We are proud that they are our associates.

If you’re an M+K client, you already know Hana, our studio manager. She does everything from answering inquiries, meeting clients and making sure the albums progress from design, print, bind and pickup. She has had this ‘day job’ since March 2008 and has been shooting weddings with us since early 2009.

We go way back with Markku during Peyups days and actually dove into photography at the same time. Markku covered weddings with us during weekends when he was still working as a programmer. He’s now a full-time photographer, blogger and web administrator.

Mimi+Karl Album Design Team
We know that we have discerning clients so we do all our wedding album layout in-house. We don’t outsource or use album templates. Our design philosophy is that as much as possible, every spread should tell a distinct story and have a distinct look.

TJ is M+K employee numero uno. He has been with us since June 2006. Since we allow work from anywhere, we seldom see TJ in the office hehe.

Kris is Ms. Small but Terrible. She grew up in Dubai so it has been our office game to teach her deep Tagalog words and idioms. She joined the team in May 2007. Her Filipino has improved since then… or has it?

Archie, at 6’2″, towers everybody at the office. He comes in handy when one of our office lights needs replacing LOL. He has been designing albums for us since December 2007.

Liz, our ‘newest’ member, started working for us in June 2007. She left for the States but came to work for M+K again early this year. Aside from album design, Liz also handles other M+K side projects.

We’ve known Dax since college. He has been our pinch hit photographer, lightsman and Cliquebooth man. He has gone back to school to study law and thus hasn’t been around much but safe to say, he is still part of Team M+K. Awww… ๐Ÿ˜€

Meri Krismas from the M+K Team!

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