Vans + Carms (Dos Palmas, Honda Bay, Palawan)

Exactly three months before their wedding, Ice, Vans sister, sent us an email that her brother was getting married in Palawan and that she wanted us to be her surprise gift to Vans and Carms. How sweet, huh? šŸ™‚

We got to Dos Palmas a day before the wedding and what a gorgeous day it was!
Dos Palmas Resort

Their wedding was a sunrise beach wedding. It was kinda challenging to take details and portraits in the dark though.
sunrise wedding

The bridal bouquet was made of corals:
coral bouquet

Oh did I mention that it was also the bride and groom’s birthdays? Triple treat indeed!

The sandbar (Isla Puting Buhangin), where the ceremony was held. They say it disappears during high tide so it was important that we start the ceremony on time.
puting buhangin

Vans and his little sisters:

Carms in her bridal boat:
sunrise bride

You know everyone’s in a good mood when even your principal sponsors ‘march’ like this:
ninong Fanny Serrano and ninang

From Vans’ vow – “You’re the only person who could make me laugh, after making me cry.”

There was definitely not a dry eye in this wedding.

Congratulations and happy birthday guys! We hope we were a great wedding and birthday treat hehe.

Complete set of photos is found on our Facebook page. Click here.

Ceremony: Isla Putting Buhangin, Honda Bay
Reception: Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa
Gown & Makeup: Fanny Serrano