Abet + Dea (Caleruega, Sotogrande Clubhouse)

In this age of Facebook fan pages, we get our fair share of fans but the title of ‘die hard fan’ has got to go to Dea. First off, she already wanted us to shoot her wedding when our portfolio consisted mostly of photos of Mike Bravo, Josant Cervantes, Abby Santos, Toti Almeda and Rob Bornancin. Second, she was still in college then and didn’t even have a boyfriend. And lastly, she let out a shriek worthy of a slasher film when we arrived at her preps.

I like their motto that was hand-stamped on their Paloma’s Nest ring bearer bowl.

Dea was decided on two things, she won’t be wearing a veil and she would be wearing bright red lipstick.

Dea guwapa! She reminds me of Aiko.

An ipad homily.

There were no shortage of tears at this wedding…

After the ceremony, we were blessed with a wonderful sunset glow, just perfect for Abet and Dea’s pictorials.

Instead of a first dance, the couple had a first duet.

Thank you for having us on your special day Dea and Abet, may you continue to make beautiful music together. I hope I made good on my promise that we would rock your wedding.