Punta del Este, Team M+K Outing

We love to go to the beach. For three days in May, we closed the office, packed our bags and brought Team M+K to Puerto Galera. Our destination? Sarimanok Villa of Punta del Este. It is a villa nestled on top a cliff overlooking two coves. It was a perfect place to unwind and bond with the team.

The complete Team M+K! Archie, Liz, Me, Mimi, Katy, Hana and Markku.

Landscape view of our digs, a swimming pool between two living units with 4 rooms and 5 baths.

Can’t beat the view by the pool.

A flight of stairs leads to Tabinay beach.

On the beach, you’ll see Lilo.

I brought my inflatable paddle board so that we could explore the area.

The beach starts out as sandy but a few meters away are corals and lots of fish.

Archie the giant tries to paddle while Manong shows him how it’s done.

I paddled onto the other cove and took a picture on just how lush the vegetation is. The Sarimanok villa is just right above the remains of a sunken wreck.

There is maid and cook service included so that the only thing we had to worry about is how to finish all the food.

Sunset view.

We made a Picture iBook using Instagram photos by TJ, Liz, Markku and Hana.