Markku + Hana: A Wedding in Black & White

A lot of you, especially our M+K brides and grooms, know these two. Markku, who we met through, has been shooting with us since 2005. Hana, (who we met through Markku, of course), has been M+K’s Studio Manager since 2008 and has also been joining our wedding shoots since then. Together, they head our 2nd team.

They recently got married, yey! and now, it’s their turn to be on the other side of the lens. 🙂

Disclaimer: This set just contains photos I took. I only used the 50mm lens for the entire wedding and shot all these in black and white.

A little bit of trivia: H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, M is the 13th. 2012 when added together is 5, which the number of years that Hana & Markku have been together. And they’re celebrating their 5th anniversary on their wedding day.

Katy and her playmate 😀

Lace on Hana’s bouquet (by Teddy Manuel):

Lace detail on Hana’s capelet (by Veluz):

Lace on Hana’s hairpiece (by The Makeup Studio):

Lace is all around 😀

Johnoy Danao and his new sessionista :p

Because they’ve always loved Sugarfree, Gang Badoy and RockEd peeps surprised them with…

Ebe Dancel.