Veluz: The Artist, The Dreamer

Next week’s going to be epic for one of my very good friends, Veluz. She will have a fashion show on Sunday at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel showcasing her RTW collection and on Tuesday, six short films by the country’s top wedding videographers — Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, Ian Cruz, Cinemaworks, Notion in Motion and Threelogy — will be shown in a videofest organized by Weddings@Work, about her life and career.

As I was gathering materials for the videographers to use, I realized that I have amassed photos of her at work and with family and friends for the last 10 years. Wow, it has been that long since I’ve known her and boy, I am sooo glad we’re friends! (Hello! My friend makes our gowns and suits! Ahahaha!)
veluz family

From pictures of her hard at work helping brides dress up to photos of her making-chika-na-lang-sa-preps-coz-I-have-assistants-na’ haha. From formal photos with her family to unflattering ones (no, I’m not going to post that here… not yet anyway :p), name it, I have it.

I’ve seen how she’s done her magic on her Veluz brides (*ehem* and grooms too! says Karl), from sketching the design up to the wedding day. No wonder she is loved by them all. Lucky me, lucky them, lucky her. 🙂

I could write on and on about her you know, professionally and personally (ilaglag na kita Veluz?), but that might take a year’s worth of blog posts. :p So let me just share this set of photos I took in one of my visits to her shop circa 2012. This, is how the magic happens…veluz shop

the sewers

veluz shop sewers

veluz the teacher

veluz team at work

gown details


Yep, she’s as warm and giddy during Skype meetings as she is in person…
meeting over skype

ate lempot

sioning and titang

veluz team at work

ate weng and gercel

meeting veluz

The team behind a Veluz gown.
class picture

Tapos na ang office hours, at work pa rin. Ang sipag! Haha
veluz gown designer

So mighty proud of you Veluz! You deserve to be fussed over this time. 🙂 🙂 🙂


To those who’d like to watch the videofest, although both screenings at the Rockwell Cinema are already full, you may send an email to to be placed on waiting list.