Hello Nikki!

Today, Lem & I have become new parents to Nikki, our new (okay, 2nd hand :P) digital SLR. Yup, Betsy is now an ate. *hihi* Galeng, they’re exactly 1 year and 1 month apart, as Betsy was bought Sept 1… okay ba sa family planning? haha

Haaay, finally, we won’t be fighting over who’ll be using Betsy, our trusty Canon D60. And, we can now shoot side by side too! No more taking on the assistant’s role.

We’ve been longing to have a second body eversince, but due to budget constraints, we’ve never been able to get one. We’ve actually passed up a deal a month ago… we’ve reserved the unit, but we weren’t able to raise enough cash. And since the Canon 20D was due to be released then, we decided to get that one na lang. But when we learned that it would cost 90k+… hay, sadness. And so, getting a second body took the back seat, and buying the much needed 70-200mm lens became the priority as it’s half the price of a new cam. A few days ago, we learned that someone was selling his Canon D60 bundled with the lens we’ve been wishing for! We never pursued it, short pa rin sa cash eh, but when we learned that others have been eyeing the goods, we went after it too. Good deal kasi talaga since the total cost is less than a 20D pa. Ang dami na daw nag-inquire about it, pero buti na lang at sinwerte kami at kami ang nakakuha. Whee! *cartwheels* Ang saya-saya! 😀