How Odd

Since I don’t have a studio or an office, I meet couples who wish to see samples of my work somewhere convenient for them, which is usually a Starbucks branch. Though there have also been times that I meet some at a fastfood chain, their office or home, the meeting I had yesterday was quite unusual… I met with a wedding coordinator at a hospital room.

A bride currently in the US has asked her wedding coordinator to meet with me and look at my samples. We were scheduled to meet at Starbucks Shangri-la yesterday evening and since coding ako, I left for Shang before 3. I got a text from Ms. Coordinator a few minutes after I got to Shang, requesting if we could meet at Medical City instead. Her husband had been admitted the night before due to LBM (hehe Lem was all icky about it). Since I’m already in the Ortigas area, why not, teapot. I just have to spend 4 hours inside Shangri-la. πŸ˜›

Anyway, it was a good thing that I brought some wedding photos that need to be mounted to an album. Lem and I found this great hangout spot in Shang where there’s not much people around and started working on the photos (nag mistulang art school table yung table namin :P).

After 7, we went to Medical City where there’s a newly opened Starbucks branch at the ground floor (sosyal!). I know, we could have met there, but since she asked us to go up her husband’s room, we obliged (what pushovers! hehe). Ganda sa Medical City, parang hotel. Maganda rin siguro presyo dun πŸ˜›

We found out that Ms. Coordinator and her partner were commissioned by the bride as day coordinators, meaning they would only be in-charge of the wedding on the day itself. However, from the email instructions of the bride, it looks like they’ll be doing most of the wedding legwork too as the bride has only finalized the church and reception and the wedding’s in January! We both don’t know the bride personally; we’ve just been exchanging emails and phone calls with her (she’s a niece of my Mom’s highschool best friend). The bride kept telling me (and Ms. Coordinator) that her tita/tito will be the one contacting us regarding the wedding but up to now, no relative of hers has gotten in touch with us. It’s just kinda weird that nobody seems to be excited about her wedding, considering how Pinoys feel about weddings.