Of weddings and bodyaches

Shot a wedding yesterday and now my body hurts like hell. Well this isn’t new really, since it’s how I usually feel a day after a coverage. It’s like I went to the gym for the first time. I just wish doing weddings has the same effect on my biceps/triceps/pecs/wachamacallits as going to the gym. 😛

On second thought, it was as if I did workout yesterday. I was sweating like a pig, literally, especially when I had to run up the choir loft to take overhead shots. It didn’t help that I was at San Agustin church, where the way to the loft is not located at the back of the church but through the corridors and stairwell of the adjacent building. By the time I reached the loft, the bride was about to march down the aisle. Now, I do sweat during shoots. I read that most photographers do, too. I think they attribute it to overactive brain cells, something to do with overflowing creative juices. But the little exercise I had plus the pressure of getting a good shot of the bride was just too much. Oh, and did I mention that I had all my gear in tow? Grabe, tagaktak pawis talaga. Wala akong makita dahil puro pawis na sa may mata ko. Ayun, wala tuloy akong nakuhang matinong bridal walk. 😛 Puro ganito na lang:

Ganda ng interiors ng San Agustin no? 🙂

Another thing I like about yesterday’s wedding was the cake. It was a 5-layer pink fondant cake with orchids as decors. Methinks it was simple yet elegant. I didn’t realize I was sooo smitten by it until a fellow photographer asked why I kept on photographing the cake. Uhm, coz it’s lovely, don’t you think? 🙂