And so I’m back…

… from outerspace. Not! I’m just taking a break from my list of things to do, which kept on getting longer, to post sumkinda update here (hindi kasi ako mana kay Ellyn :P).

WPPP Photo Congress
Went there last Thursday to Saturday to (1) attend the seminars and (2) check out the exhibitors. I was kinda curious about the wedding-related seminars because I haven’t attended any; my wedding photography knowledge I credit to reading books and assisting photog friends. I was quite disappointed that my expectations of the seminars weren’t met; there were undiscussed topics and evaded questions. I did pick up a thing or two from a couple of seminars and since I was able to get a discount for the delegate fee, worth it na rin. Hehe. For me, the high points of the congress were:

* Ariel Javelosa’s stand-up comedy act (no wonder the brides love him :D)
* the bourdoir seminar with 4 models baring their bodies in front of 200+ shutterbugs (everybody was jockeying for a position, taob ang mga papparazzi!)
* I discovered a new album supplier šŸ˜€

Speaking of albums, we’ve finally finished the looong overdue album of the wedding we shot last July. The delay was partly due to the problems we’ve had with the printing of the black & white photos which had a greenish and reddish cast; apparently, the lab’s printer wasn’t properly calibrated or something. So we had to reprint the photos twice. Then there’s the mounting procedure which slows down our production. I should heed the advice of a wedding photographer on album production, “Have someone else do it for you.” Perhaps later, but for now, Lem & I are a two-person album production team. Ang hirap kumayod. :s

And then there’s another album we’ve got to produce. We’re doing the album of Lem’s cousin’s wedding as his mom’s gift to the couple. At the same time, we’ll be showing the album first to a couple of clients wishing to see our magnetic album sample. Ang wais di ba? šŸ˜€ Btw, here’s a shot of Lem’s cousin (share ko lang):