Nurture Spa

Mimi and I went to shoot at Nurture Spa in Tagaytay yesterday for part 2 of a pre-nup pictorial. The place is nice, cozy and very secluded. We arrived past 1pm, this photo was taken about that time when the sun was out and skies were really blue. We told the couple to take their spa treatment as the lighting conditions were a bit harsh for portraits. Anyway, an hour and a half later, clouds covered all but a few patches of blue sky. Bummer. Despite of the grey skies, the shoot turned out pretty well and I can’t wait for Mimi to post the photos.

On a side note, we had our dinner there. Food was ok but just not worth the 500 pesos set meal price. Also, we also found out why it’s called Nurture Spa, we got to nurture their humongous mosquitoes with our blood. Hehe. We went home around 8pm and the rough road going back to the main road was pitch black. We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at a dead end where a van was parked and a man was standing. The scene was kinda spooky as if they were waiting for someone, maybe a drug deal or a kidnap-ransom exchange. Hehe. I had a tough time making a u-turn as it was only a one lane road while the man kept on peering through the window. Freaky. Hehe.