Just came back from our camera club meeting. Mimi and I haven’t been joining the monthly contests for the past few months because we’ve been very busy. Anyway, there are two categories this month, one bridal related which is Bridal Bouquet and the other is Men at Work in celebration of May 1. I’m so happy that Mimi took the first place for the Bridal Bouquet category and I won the first place for the Men at Work category 😀 I’m hoping we could win a few more contests as it was announced today that our club’s Photographer of the Year will win a 2 strobe lighting kit from Aperture Trading.

Mimi’s winning entry, wedding preps at Sonya’s Garden

My photo of Men at Work shot in Snake Island, Palawan. Shot taken while my companions were already waiting on the boat for me. O diba Ate Des winner naman! Haha